flow of WWII weapons after the war

Since starting wwiiafterwwii, I have wanted to do something on this topic but was unsure how to approach it. I am interested in how WWII weapons performed in battle against Cold War replacements. But also, it is fascinating to consider how they ended up where they did after WWII……how did a Garand built to fight Imperial Japan end up in the Somali desert in the 1970s, or how did a Waffen-SS sturmgewehr end up in 21st century Damascus?


(An ex-Wehrmacht NbW 42 Nebelwerfer with Interarms markings in the 1960s.)

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Last voyage of PNS Ghazi 1971

PNS Ghazi (S-130), formerly USS Diablo (SS-479), was a WWII submarine of the US Navy and later the Pakistani navy.



(Top: USS Diablo at sea during WWII. Bottom: The modified ex-USS Diablo in service with Pakistan as PNS Ghazi.)


(The bridge windshield of PNS Ghazi which was recovered by the Indian navy after they sunk the submarine.)

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