Guided missiles on Corsairs

Originally designed as a carrier-based gun dogfighter, the F4U Corsair, and it’s later attack variant, the AU-1, was used heavily as a ground attack plane during WWII, and almost exclusively in that role during the Korean War.


(The first prototype Vought Corsair during WWII.)

A wide variety of weapons not originally envisioned were successfully used by the Corsair: air-to-ground rockets, napalm tanks, radar, depth charges, cluster munitions, and so on.

Easily the most unusual was something that could have never been envisioned by Vought’s engineers when they designed the plane; a guided missile.


(French navy Corsair with SS.11 guided missiles aboard.)

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StG-44 in Africa after WWII

The StG-44 assault rifle was probably the most advanced German infantry firearm of WWII. Surprisingly, some of these weapons ended up on the continent of Africa after WWII.


ogaden2(Top: A soldier of the 28th Waffen-SS division “Wallonien” with a StG-44 during WWII. Bottom: A female Somali guerrilla with a StG-44 in 1977 during the Ogaden War.)

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