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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Please contact me. I seek permission to use a picture from your site for my book on the USM1917 Enfield bayonets. Included is use of the .303 and .30-06 models, the former having been used in the Israeli War of Independence. You have a picture of the rifle used by the Haganah in 1947. Is it available for me to use? As I am within about 6 weeks of committing to print the book, I would especially appreciate if I can impose for a early reply? Thank you, Dan

    BTW – I would be happy tomcat your site in any way as the source.


  2. Hello. Please note that Italy used SRCM hand grenades (“Red Devils”) of pre-WWII design at least up to the 1990s.
    And please would you add a page on the 1969 “Football War”?? Thanks


  3. Hi, I’m a huge fan of your blog, and WWI history in general! I am also a WordPress dev, and I would like to talk to you, both about the page and about some WWII weapons and equipment I would love to see you delve into in future installments. Can you email me?

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  4. The most interesting blog I’ve seen in quite a while. Great research and well written articles.
    Since you mentioned Militaryphotos.net in some comments, what was your nick there? And are you on TheMess.net, its (spiritual) successor?

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  5. That’s sad, but of course the photo content of the old forum isn’t there in the new one.

    Re your blog, I had an idea for an article recently:
    “Axis warships in postwar service”
    Could be split up in German, Italian and Japanese ships of course.

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  6. Hi, I’m interested in starting a blog/facebook page in a similar format as yours concerning modern African military history as I feel it is an underappreciated topic. Can you recommend any sort of strategies and sources for research, promotion and avoiding copyright issues?

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    • Hi there, that is an excellent idea. I also am interested in African militaries and agree that it’s very under-published. As far as copyright issues, the biggest thing is (obviously) avoiding direct plagarazation, and photos. For photos, I am careful to always attribute them if I know the source. I try to use public domain when possible. Under federal law, any photo, book, manual, drawing, blueprint, etc done by the government (including the military) is instantly public domain, so there is a wealth of it available. Images are not hard for their copyright owners to guard; there are computer programs which scan the web looking for matches to copyrighted photos so they will find them. As far as defensive copyright, you’d have to clearly state in a header page, etc that your work belongs to you, with your name. I decided not to because I knew people would steal my writing anyways, and sure enough I’ve already found parts of WWII After WWII copied onto wikipedia. Anyways for researching African military history, I know of a book series called Africa At War by Helion & Company publishing that covers the whole post-WWII period up into the collapse of Zaire at the end of the 1990s. There’s at least two dozen volumes and they are inexpensive. They are not exhaustively in-depth, but always a good start. Another resource I use is the SIPRI Arms Transfer Database which is online, free, and public-domain. You enter in a selected country, a selected time frame, and it lists all the weapons exports to that country in a spreadsheet. If you get your project up and running let me know, I’d like to subscribe.


  7. Dear friend, great site you have here !
    A French friend publishing in CIBLES would like to contact you. His name is Julien (julienleveque78@yahoo.fr) about the Jungle carbine … would you mind contacting him directly ?
    Gus Gintz
    Mariginiup WA 6078
    Western Australia


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