World War II after World War II

There are obviously many websites on WWII weapons, and many on post-war weapons, but I have always been fascinated with WWII weapons being used after the war.

Comments, additions, and corrections are always welcome. All images are believed to be public domain; if not please let me know and I will give due copyright credit.


9 thoughts on “World War II after World War II

  1. Your blog is tremendously entertaining. You might find it interesting that many of the the M36 Jacksons were left in Europe, as it cost more to transport back, new designs were going to come online, and they were used as a gift to Yugoslavia (among others) to entice them to side with the west. Sadly, Yugoslavia sided with Russia. The M36’s recieved an engine upgrade from the V12 gasoline engine to a V12 turbo diesel, which improved performance and also range. Gun upgrades kept it relevant into the 1970’s


  2. I followed a recent link to one of your current posts, and had to go back through your posting history. Very impressive, many thanks for doing this. One thing I’d like to see are some source reviews, or book reviews on this subject matter. Additional work, I know, but the people that read this blog undoubtedly would be interesting in further information.

    Good job on this.

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